//Is It Okay to Get into Web Hosting Reselling?

Is It Okay to Get into Web Hosting Reselling?

Yes, it’s good to get into web hosting reselling. You can get into the web hosting reselling business if you don’t want to start the whole process beginning from scratch or if already you are a web designer and you want to start hosting your customers control panels without using a lot of money with expensive VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. That already said you need to learn how web hosting works

You need to be prepared for the problems that may arise, also at other times, and you will be required to act as the messenger between your web hosting provider and your clients. Here are some web hosting advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of web hosting reselling

  • Revenue stream generation

Web hosting reselling allows you to build a revenue stream generation for small firms that don’t have the money, resources and time to keep their servers and data. Besides, it’s a perfect way of developing a personal business, and if you have the appropriate marketing skills, you can make some good profits with reselling web hosting. As the web host reseller, you will be renting the time on your server, to ensure that you select a server that works well for you in terms of price and stability.

  • Doesn’t require a lot of investment or resources

One of the main advantages of web host reselling is that you don’t have to invest in expensive servers like DNS servers, web servers and mail servers. Also, you don’t need to hire costly resources to manage the difficult jobs of your server. The primary web hosting company will take care of all those issues.

  • Profitability

A web hosting reseller usually purchases packages from a web hosting company at cheap prices then divides the resources into multiple packages, sets their rates and then sells them to the clients.

Disadvantages of web hosting reselling

  • Relying on your service provider

As a web host reseller, the services that you will be providing will be the same as that of your service provider. Hence its necessary for you to find the best provider so that you can satisfy the needs of your clients.

  • You will be at work most of the time

Another disadvantage of web hosting reselling is that you will be at call a lot of the times including holidays and weekends. Web hosting reselling can be demanding, and it needs a lot of dedication.


Web hosting reselling can be very profitable and fun, but it can also be very demanding. Before you decide to get into web hosting reselling first evaluate the disadvantages and advantages.

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