//Factors to Consider When Changing a Web Host

Factors to Consider When Changing a Web Host

There are some reasons as to why you might want to change a web host. One of the reasons might be that you are not satisfied with the features and services offered by your web host provider. Another reason might be you found another web hosting provider that is cheap. Regardless of why you want to change a web host, there are several considerations to make before changing your web host.

You need to have a smooth transition when moving with no downtime. You would also want your customer’s transition to being smooth so that your website wouldn’t be disrupted.

Backing up your files

One of the mistakes that you can make while moving is not backing up your files before moving to the next web host. If by any chance you lose your files you will have backup copies that you can use to restore your files. It is good to back up your files manually just in case there are incompatibilities with your new web host. Make sure there’s enough time for the backup process to run.

Conduct research on your new web host

Before moving to a new web host, you need to research the following.

  • Find out the methods they use for uploading files and try uploading files to your site to see the time it will take
  • Ensure that you have your URL with you to test your website before changing your DNS server
  • Have detailed information on their servers so that you can make changes to your script for it to operate smoothly
  • Try to obtain the DNS data for your new web host and ensure that you have your domain account data so that you can modify the changes when required.

The re-move etiquette

Before moving to a new web host, it’s essential for you to inform your customers that you’ll be shifting to a new hosting provider. Let them know the exact time and when you will be moving so that they don’t wonder what happened to your website in case its experiencing problems. Your customers will understand that at times this happens and they might even help you by telling you if there’s a particular area causing problems.


Regardless of your reasons for changing web hosts, you need to put in consideration these factors before moving so that you don’t encounter problems with your new host.

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